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Dave Caruso, CFP®

Media Consultant


After spending 25 years at Wall Street brokerage firms, I founded Coastal Capital Group to help people pursue financial independence in the way that best suits them. I knew flexibility and objectivity would be essential to support the caring yet empowering environment I sought to create. Becoming an independent advisor was a step in that direction. In 2012, I saw the opportunity to strengthen my team and resources yet again by partnering with another like-minded advisor, Jim Horrocks. Jim merged his firm, Integrated Financial Partners, into the Coastal Capital Group brand. Today, we are humbled to serve hundreds of individuals, families and institutions utilizing the same foundational approach to budgeting, saving and investing.

Even upon graduating from UMass Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management in 1980, I knew I wanted to help others improve their financial strength by teaching them how to develop sound habits. My experience as a financial advisor at large Wall Street firms in the first half of my career only solidified my conviction that I was doing work I loved, yet I wanted to do it differently. And that is Coastal’s approach.

It’s hard for me to discern business from pleasure. I enjoy wine-tasting, sharing a tee time, fishing with clients and relaxing with my family. I love having dinner with members of my team. And in between I am relentlessly working on my golf game and outside jump shot.